How to use a face mask

Using a face mask is easy if you respect a few things to watch out for.

MiMasks are traditionally white, and some customers have asked about the “inner” and “outer” side of the mask. As both external layers of the mask are made of the exact same material (Spunbond PP nonwoven fabric), technically it’s the same how you wear the face mask. If the sealing of the earloops to the mask punctuates you slightly, you can wear the sealing side away from your face. The earloops are welded to the mask body with ultrasound, which heats the PP nonwovens for a fraction of a second, melting them together. When cooling down again, the PP materials can crystallize slightly.

If your mask is colored, generally the colored is the outer side.

You should always put a face mask on with clean hands, after washing them thoroughly, to avoid contamination of the mask. Sanitizing your hands is not enough, you should wash them with sufficient water and soap.

Then cover your nose and mouth with the face mask, and put the earloops behind your ears. Pull the face mask on the upper and lower borders to extend the coverage from nose to chin. Adjust the nose wire to fit your nose and close it off neatly for best wearing comfort and maximum filtration and protection.

When you take off the face mask, make sure you avoid touching the mask body. Take it off by sliding the earloops off your ears, and hold the mask by the earloops as you dispose of it into the recycling bin.

You should wear a face mask for no more than 4 hours, according to the WHO. If you breathe intensively, or are in contact with possible contamination, change frequently. The face mask functions as a filter for the air you breathe. To breathe clean air, remove contaminated filters and replace them with fresh ones.

MiMask - how to use a face mask

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