Climate Pledge

At MiMask we love our planet. As one of our founding principles, we wanted to build a business that was climate neutral from day 1.

When starting a business, climate neutrality is only one of many challenges. For most suppliers it is still new territory, and doing things the old (polluting) way is much easier, and sometimes cheaper. The lack of transparency along the value chain makes it even harder to accomplish our Climate Pledge we have committed to at MiMask:

  • Use only 100% renewable energy in our factories and offices
  • Use 100% recyclable packaging for our products and shipping materials
  • Set up our facilities avoiding single use materials wherever possible (and legal), recycling all waste responsibly
  • Using low energy consumption machinery and equipment wherever available

Our founders have committed to measure and offset their personal carbon footprint this year. One of them has already done so for 2019 and 2020, being a member and ambassador of Leaders For Climate Action.

MiMask - CO2 neutral with

MiMask has partnered with Climate Partner to measure its carbon footprint from the start. In 2020 MiMask generated 47.648 kg of CO2. To offset these, MiMask supported a project at a brick factory in Soacha, Colombia, where biomass is substituting highly polluting coal to fire the kilns. Check our CO2-neutrality certificate here and read our 2020 Sustainability and Social Responsibility report here.

MiMask is CO2 neutralAlso in 2021 we'll keep pushing for further measures to avoid CO2 creation wherever possible, while our company grows rapidly. With a thrifty startup mindset, a minimalistic approach to consumption of materials of all kinds, strict waste disposal management and production efficiency measures added to our 2020 activities, we're looking forward to drive down our impact on the planet day by day.